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Bush Business Furniture – FAQ’S


Q: Is there variety in your product selection?

Yes, you can browse our broad scope of BBF commercial grade furniture. We offer seventeen Collections designed to meet the needs of corporations, executive offices, remote workers and home offices.

It is very important to confirm that your selected components will actually fit into the designated space of your office.  Click here to learn more about BBF’s free Space Planning Services.

Q: What do we mean when we talk about “commercial grade furniture”?

The key difference between residential grade and commercial grade furniture installed in business environments rests in the testing required for stability, durability,weight-limitations, safety and performance. These standards, known as ANSI/BIFMA are designed to ensure our products stand up to repetitive usage and meet or exceed quality inspection. Commercial office furniture can withstand the rigors of your 40 hour work week and significantly outlast residential grade equivalents. Making BBF commercial furniture a great option for your business or home office.

Q: What if I need help with planning my office space?

If you need help planning your office configuration and laying it out in your work area, we encourage you to use our free Space Planning Services. Our complimentary service helps you to be sure that you order the right furniture to fit your work space. You can develop your space plan independently with our Office Simulator online program or develop your space planning with guidance from one of our BBF’s Space Planning experts.

Our Space Planners can help you to complete the following:

  • Design a complete office layout based on your specifications with recommendations for optimal efficiency and use of space.
  • Create plans that include actual dimensions and physical conditions of your office space, including doorways, windows, obstructions, traffic flow that influence your work area.
  • Develop 2-D and 3-D plans to assist in visualizing your new office space. These are provided by e-mail or fax within 2-3 business days.
  • These plans include convenient product spec list for easy ordering which helps to confirm all product item numbers are correct and ensure product compatibility.

To discuss your work space needs and requirements with our Space Planning experts, call BBF Support Line:1-800-964-1638 or email


Q: Are finish colors accurate?

We do our best to accurately show the finish colors of each piece we carry on the website images.  However, colors can vary by personal perception, monitor type and age, video card differences and printing variations.

We understand how difficult it can be to order furniture on-line, especially if you are trying to match existing décor elements or other furniture in your home.  To help you make the choice of finish easier, you can request a finish sample be mailed to you.  Just call one of our Customer Care Associate sat 800-950-4782 to make arrangements.

Q: Can I call my order in?

Yes, please contact our Web Sales Associates at 866-244-3355 and they will be happy to assist you.

Receiving your furniture

Q: How will my furniture ship?

UPS and Fedex Deliveries
Bush products are designed and packaged for direct shipment. Most items will ship via FedEx or UPS. These carriers will normally deliver items to your doorstep when possible. Please note that UPS and FedEx will not notify you prior to delivery and will leave the package in a covered location if it is safe to do so.

Orders that consist of over 8 packages or oversized items that cannot be shipped small parcel with FedEx or UPS will be delivered through a common carrier. All products on one order will ship via the same freight company, who will deliver these products to your Room Of Choice in the home. The price of the product will not change.

All products that qualify for Room Of Choice delivery are clearly marked on the product page, and will be highlighted when checking out.

Common carrier deliveries are performed by a trucking company contracted for packages over 150 pounds. A signature will be required at the time of the delivery.

We request you inspect all cartons and note any damages to the carton if you see any. Common carrier truck deliveries are performed Monday through Friday only. An appointment by telephone is usually scheduled by the freight carrier

Q: Can I get an inside delivery even if my packages don’t qualify for it?

For an additional fee we are able to accommodate inside deliveries. Fees will vary depending on your situation. Please call us with any inside delivery questions you may have at 800-950-4782.

Q: Will my order ship at one time?

Orders ship complete. Inventory for all items on the order will be validated prior to confirmation of the order.  No partial orders will be shipped.

Q. How long does it take for my order to be delivered?

Most products ship in 1-2 business days from receipt of an online customer order; standard transit times are 3-5 business days for shipment.

Q: Can you ship to APO/ FPO addresses?

Sorry, we cannot ship to APO/FPO addresses due to the size of our cartons. You may want to ship to a friend or relative who can then forward your shipment.

Q: Can you ship to a Post Office box? 

No, we must have a physical street address for delivery.

Q: Do you ship to Canada, Hawaii or Alaska?

At this time we only ship within the contiguous 48 states.

Q: What if my shipment arrives damaged?

In the rare event that your shipment is damaged during transit, be sure to note it on the delivery paperwork that you sign, and contact us immediately 800-950-4782. If the carton is severely damaged, you should refuse the shipment from the freight company. We will arrange for a replacement order to be sent out. In the event that a replacement is delivered to you before the original shipment is returned, you are responsible for cooperating with the return of the item. Failure to return the damaged item will result in your credit card being charged for the non-returned item.

Q: What is your Cancellation Policy?

If we are able to cancel your order before it is shipped, there is no charge for the cancellation. If the product has been already shipped, you will be responsible for all inbound and outbound shipping charges plus a restocking fee of 20%. These charges will be deducted from your refund.

Q: What if there are missing parts in my order?

If there are any missing parts, call us with the part number that is listed in the Assembly Instructions included with your product. We will ship the parts out to you immediately at no charge.  Please call 1-800-950-4782 for assistance.

Q: Can I obtain a laminate sample and/or catalog?

Laminate samples are available by mail. Send your request to, or call our Consumer Service Department at 800-950-4782 and we would be happy to send it out to you.

At this time we do not publish a consumer catalog. All of our products may be viewed on this web site. Most products have specific information sheets that can be downloaded as PDF documents and printed from your computer.

Assembling your furniture

Q: Is it difficult to assemble the furniture?

Our Furniture is designed with the consumer in mind.  Once you have received your new furniture there are easy to follow Assembly Instructions in the package.  In the unlikely event that you run into difficulties our Customer Care Center is here to help.  A Customer Care Associate can assist you with all your questions to make your assembly experience as easy as possible.

Q: Are the back panels on your furniture necessary?

Yes! Sometimes the back panel may seem unnecessary, but it performs two essential functions: it keeps the unit square, and it prevents the sides of the unit from collapsing in on themselves. Therefore, not only does the back panel keep the unit looking visually nice, but it is also an important safety feature that contributes to the structural integrity and strength of the unit.

Q: The hole around the fastener bolt is flaking! Is this normal?

Yes, it is perfectly normal for some flaking to occur around the hole as you screw the fastener bolt down. The hole is designed to be slightly smaller than the bolt to ensure the board is gripping the bolt tightly.If you are having a hard time inserting a bolt, put a few drops of liquid soap either on the threads of the bolt or around the hole it is being inserted into.This should help ease the bolt into place.

Q: I have attached two boards to each other but when they stand by themselves the boards seem wobbly! Is this normal?

It is perfectly normal for two boards standing alone to be wobbly. They will not be securely locked into place until you have the entire frame you are building (together with back panel, if applicable) fully assembled.

Q: How do you tell the slides apart and put them on correctly?

Most slides have tiny letters embossed on them - the letters are CL, CR, DR and DL. The C stands for cabinet (i.e., the unit itself), D stands for drawer, and L and R stand for left and right. Hence a CL slide should be mounted on the unit on the left-hand side as you face the unit.Likewise, a DR should be mounted on the right-hand side of the drawer as you face the handle/front of the drawer. Please note that this usually only applies to roller slides, not ball-bearing slides.

Q: The hardware parts are not labeled! How do you identify the correct screws?

All of the nuts, bolts and screws in the Assembly Instruction books are drawn to scale. If you hold a piece of the enclosed hardware up against the page, it will match in shape and size with its corresponding picture in the Instructions. This should help you easily identify each piece.

Q: Can I put casters on the unit I purchased or modify it in any way?

If the unit you purchase does not come with casters (wheels) on it then it is unsafe to put them on. Adding casters on a unit can alter the“tip stability factor” of the unit, meaning that it would increase the possibility of the unit tipping forwards or backwards, thereby posing a risk to you, your family and pets, the unit itself and any equipment that may be on or in the unit.

Also, adding casters to the unit constitutes modification of the product, resulting in the warranty being voided as it would mean the unit is being used in a different way from that originally intended. Bush Industries,Inc. cannot be held responsible or liable for any accident or hazard caused by any modification to the product.

Q: Can a unit be painted a different color?

No! Paint does not adhere properly to the laminates used on our furniture. Also, as most paint contains some form of corrosive, painting the unit may cause the laminate to peel, possibly damaging or exposing the particleboard underneath. The broad range of laminates, styles and colors we offer should make it unnecessary to paint a unit.

Q: Can I use glue to construct a piece of furniture?

If glue is not listed in the Instructions then no glue is necessary. If your Assembly Instructions list a bottle of glue, it will be necessary to use glue at some point in the assembly. Please only use the glue that came with your unit. Use of different glue may prevent the disassembly of the unit, and will void your warranty.

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Call toll-free to place an order with a live person.  Our specialists can guide you through the ordering process and assist you in making the right furniture decision for your needs.