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Series C Sit to Stand Desk

Why Do I Need a Standing Desk?

Are you looking to feel better, make healthy decisions and be more productive? Perhaps it’s time to take a stand – while you work.

According to a Business of Furniture report, the average American sits for 13 hours a day, and that type of sedentary lifestyle may negatively impact your health. In fact, The American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that prolonged sitting causes 433,000 deaths worldwide each year. Some have even gone as far as labeling sitting the new smoking, leading health-conscious employers and employees to seek alternatives to traditional office desks.

Investing in employee wellbeing through the use of standing desks has far-reaching benefits, including to your company’s bottom line. A recent study detailed in Forbes identified that employees at a call center using sit to stand desks were 46 percent more productive than those who sat all day.

Interested in feeling better and getting more done? Read on to find the perfect standing desk for your style, body and budget.

Do I Want a Standing or Height Adjustable Desk?

Fixed standing desks and height adjustable desks both have their advantages. For starters, adjustable height desks tend to cost more and provide more features than traditional stand up desks

However, you may find that a stationary tall desk is the perfect option for your home office. Take the Bush Furniture Cabot Standing Desk for example. You can comfortably surf the web, pay bills or update your to-do list without leaving your feet. Pull up a Drafting Chair so you can continue to work even when you need to give your legs a break.

Drafting ChairMove 80


Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desks

For all the bells and whistles, you’ll want a Move 80 or Move 60 height adjustable desk. The workstations feature steel bases and scratch-resistant surfaces, along with a 200 pound weight capacity. You can store your favorite heights in four programmable presets, and adjust your position at the push of a button. Plus, you can have your pick of numerous sizes, desktop finishes and base colors.

Electric height adjustable standing desks provide the greatest range of height adjustment, from as low as 23 inches to as high as 49. The ergonomic desks feature quiet, UL listed electric motors with an included 10 foot power cord for flexible placement throughout your office. The adjustable height desks coordinate with numerous Bush Business Furniture collections to serve as part of a larger workstation or a stand-alone table.

Series C Elite videoSeries C Sit to Stand Desk


Sit to Stand Desks with Lift N Lock Desktops

You’ve probably seen numerous accessories designed to turn your existing workstation into a standing desk. While these desk converters allow you to stretch your legs while you work, they lack the weight capacity, and space, required by those who like to spread out with numerous tasks at once. Thankfully, Bush Furniture and Bush Business Furniture’s new designs have made these desktop risers obsolete.

Our Sit to Stand Desks give you a quality alternative to desktop risers and an affordable alternative to electric height adjustable desks. Available in Bush Business Furniture’s Series C and Series C Elite – as well as the Bush Furniture Cabot and Somerset lines – these ergonomic desks feature a built-in height adjustable work surface. Smoothly lift and lock the desktop into any of three standing heights without missing a beat. Then, easily return to a seated position if your legs get tired. Watch our Series C Elite video to see our innovative solution in action.

With a variety of standing and height adjustable desks available to meet your needs and budget, there’s never been a better time to take a stand for your productivity and health.

Adjustable Standing Desk StoolErgonomic Desk Foot RestAnti-Fatigue Comfort Mat


Ergonomic Accessories

If you choose a sit to stand desk, don’t forget to maximize your comfort with coordinating ergonomic office furniture.

Lean on an Adjustable Standing Desk Stool, which encourages movement and keeps your legs, back and core active.

When you’re ready to take a seat, try an Ergonomic Desk Foot Rest, designed to reduce strain on your legs and neck.

For those who would rather remain standing for long periods, the Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat combats tired feet, sore joints and back pain.

Finally, if you’re interested in a coordinated, healthy and productive office furniture set, try Bush Business Furniture’s Adjustable Standing Desk with Lean Stool and Ergonomic Accessories.