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- What to look for in an office chair

Posted Monday September 23, 2019
The Washington Post recently reported the average American adult is spending up to 6 ½ hours sitting a day. When possible using a standing desk can have tremendous health benefits for your employees and improve productivity. Unfortunately, standing desks are not always an option for every office environment, hence the importance of investing in quality office chairs. 

Comfort is Key

While there are many specific features to look for in an office chair, most of the adjustments are in some way about comfort. An ergonomically designed office chair will reduce discomfort and allow your employees to focus on being productive. As every person is different a good office chair will allow for each person to adjust the chair as needed and those micro-adjustments are a critical component to comfort.

What to Look for in an Office Chair

Here are some things to consider when looking into purchasing office chairs: 

• Style
• Height adjustable
• Backrests that adjust
• Back support
• Comfortable padding on seat
• Armrests
• Casters and swivel
• Warranty


A good office chair will provide proper support and allow people to sit comfortably for hours. A great office chair is functional, ergonomic and matches your desired style. Whether you are looking for certain colors to match the office décor or modern high back leather executive chairs, style is important when choosing chairs for your office space. 

The style of the chair will include the color, material used and or type of chair. Some of the common types of chair include:

• Executive Chairs
• Task Chairs
• Guest Chairs
• Multifunction Chairs 

Below are examples of each type of office chair.

Now that you have an idea of the style of chairs you need for your office, there are multiple adjustability features to look for.

Height Adjustable

The ability to easily and reliably adjust the height of the chair to an individual preference is a simple but important ergonomic feature. While most office chairs will have a lever underneath the chair, a high-quality office chair can withstand the abuse of day-to-day work and maintain flawless functionality.

Adjustable Backrest and Back Support

Back health is an important consideration when looking for office chairs. The backrest should move up or down for your comfort, and the seat should slide forward or backward.

The seatback’s ability to adjust allows the office chair to sit flush against an employee’s back. This can help prevent injury or unnecessary back pain as the natural tendency for someone sitting in chair for a long period is to lean forward, which may cause stress on the lower back.  An office chair featuring a built-in lumbar support can also help to alleviate discomfort on the lower back.


There are three types of armrests to consider:

· Fixed
· Height adjustable
· Fully adjustable

Fixed – The armrests do not move and cannot be adjusted.
Height adjustable - The arms usually adjust up or down.
Fully adjustable - Not only do the arms move up and down, they move to different widths and angles.


Quality Material and Padding

Modern options for office chairs may include mesh, leather or other fabrics. Mesh offers a breathable surface and is supportive as well as durable. Our Custom Comfort High Back Multifunction Mesh Executive Office Chair uses a heavy-duty nylon base and can withstand years of use.

Leather chairs like our Modelo High Back Leather Executive Office Chair use cushioned bonded leather upholstery which provides top-notch comfort with a sophisticated appearance.

Casters and Swivel

Casters allow you to move freely through the workspace while 360 swivel control allows for a full range of motion.  These are important features for an office that thrives on collaboration.

Warranty & Safety

When purchasing office chairs the company you purchase from, warranty and safety are often overlooked. All of the previously stated features are important, but if the office chairs are not durable and made of high-quality materials, the functionality and comfort will not last and in some cases can be a safety hazard. All of our office chairs are tested to meet ANSI/BIFMA quality standards for safety and performance and are backed by the Bush Business Furniture 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.