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Posted @ Monday, June 24, 2019

Admit it: You've secretly peeked at your colleague’s desk and looked away wondering how they can get anything accomplished with so much clutter. But, don't think your colleague hasn't thought the same thing about you. “Does this person even work? There’s not a single piece of paper on her desk...” Even if you work remotely, how you keep your workspace can dramatically affect your productivity and overall mindset. Some people strive in chaos and clutter, others prefer a steady pace and a clean desk. What does your desk say about you?

The Minimalist
A minimalist’s mentality is simple: less is more, and their desk proves this. A minimalist’s desk usually only has the basic necessities to get the job done. Think notepad, pens, and computer with a splash of decor. These busy bees like order, discipline, and rules. But they’ve been known to let the need for being organized keep them from being productive. So, if you fall into this category, try to keep track of priorities

The Hoarder

Compared to a minimalist, the hoarder is on the opposite end of the spectrum. They feel the need to put everything in and on their desk. They keep everything frommountains of papers to gigantic balls of rubber bands on display because you never know when the office supply store will run out. But, don’t be fooled. While their desk may be messy and their life may seem disorganized, they are creative souls. They don't pay attention to conventional ways and prefer to concentrate on big ideas and on getting things done.

The Tech Guy
Regardless of occupation, techies always come prepared with every piece of technology to maximize productivity. In other words, they will have their computers do all the work for them. On a techie’s desk, you may notice that they have more than one computer screen and a wide variety of gadgets (most of which they never use). These co-workers are a great resource when it comes to discovering new apps and tools. If you’re wondering, “Is there a tool for that?”, just ask your techy colleague. Chances are he probably already found a gadget, tool or app to solve whatever problem you may be facing.

The Documentarian
Some people consider a documentarian’s desk to be a shrine, which pays tribute to every life event. These types of desk dwellers simply love keeping memorabilia. The documentarian never forgets an experience. You’ll be able to tell someone is a documentarian because of all the photos, children’s art, awards, and knick-knacks they keep strewn across their desk. Know that relationships are very important to them and it’s what motivated these colleagues to work hard.

Digital Nomad
The digital nomads usually work remotely. They like the freedom of working from anywhere. They are just as comfortable working at a quiet home office as they are in a busy coffee shop. The absence of a desk does not affect their productivity. These co-workers are independent spirits who thrive on organization but keep things low key. Their desk usually has very few supplies on it – things that can easily fit into a backpack or a pocket when working on the go. Getting to know your colleagues is easy. Just look at their desk and you’ll know what drives them to be the most productive and what gets in their way. No matter your desktop personality, creating a workspace that "works" is what matters most. From ergonomically built desks to traditional pieces that hold it all, the choice yours, and Bush Industries is here to help you achieve your high-productivity workspace.