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About Bush Business Furniture

BBF is the commercial furniture division of Bush Industries, Inc., and we are focused on providing commercial-grade workplace furnishing solutions for small and mid-sized businesses, with an additional focus on the serious office-at-home professional.


Bush Industries rebranded its commercial furniture division as BBF (Bush Business Furniture). With BBF, Bush is taking a new approach to the commercial market that includes continuing to design, develop and enhance products and services -- all with the quality, value and convenience upon which Bush has built its reputation – and focused on meeting the needs of a changing marketplace. The goal is to create a more flexible, contemporary brand that is well positioned for a changing economy, while designing products, services and programs that focus on growth opportunities in a dynamic market.

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BBF “Fits”:
BBF offers an affordable product range designed with the flexibility to “fit” into multiple business organizations and multiple professional settings that require innovative, affordable furniture solutions. BBF’s commercial-grade products fit the market based on Bush’s insights of the customer’s:

  • Lifestyle – BBF products are functional, reliable and durable commercial-grade furnishings
  • Work Style – BBF’s furniture solutions address different work styles with a broad range of modular and adaptable product SKUs and furniture.
  • Budget – BBF products fit various budgets with value-driven products and services at a range of price points that allow customers to purchase furniture at reasonable prices.


Universal brand attributes:

  • Range of collections that meet varying space requirements and work styles
  • Furniture that fits and performs well in a home, professional setting, or wherever your work needs to be done
  • Exhaustively tested to stand up to the rigors of a 40-hour+ week and the demands of serious, full-time work
  • Variety of different styles and aesthetic choices to satisfy individual needs and preferences
  • Backed by comprehensive manufacturer's warrantees ? guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years
  • Cost effective


Design for Durability and Upgradeability

BBF products shall be designed for Durability and Upgradeability.


The design and manufacture of durable products start with the specification of quality materials. Bush Industries will carefully select suppliers of raw materials and components and use a pre-certification process for the supplier and their products. Purchased materials and components will be tested to published standards either on a per shipment basis or quarterly depending on the material/component.


Materials and components specified during the design phase will be chosen to ensure a long service life. Bush/BBF offers either a 10 year or a Limited Life Time warranty on its products which communicates its durability to the customer. Products will be designed to perform through the warranty period.


To ensure the design of durable products BBF products will be subject to and required to pass applicable industry standard ANSI/BIFMA performance standards. BIFMA, along with ANSI, develops, maintains, and publishes safety and performance standards for office furniture products. Products will be retested at prescribed intervals to ensure ongoing quality and durability.


Products will be designed to allow reuse and reconfiguration thereby extending their flexibility and useful life. To maximize ease of specification and reuse products will be designed as non-handed as much as possible. That is, to design products so they can be used in both left and right configurations. This also reduces inventory and replacement part requirements.


Products that are assembled into larger configurations will use simple tools, primarily a Philips screwdriver. Large configurations can disassembled easily for moving or reconfiguration.


Products will be designed to allow for the replacement of damaged or worn parts. A customer service department is available to assist customers and a parts inventory is maintained to quickly respond to those needs. Products and parts will be standardized whenever possible. This reduces the parts inventory and improves the efficiency of manufacture. Replacement of parts is primarily accomplished


About Bush Industries, Inc.
Bush Industries EmployeesBush Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of case goods and ready-to-assemble furniture designed for office and home applications. The company operates two North American divisions – BBF and Bush Furniture – along with its China operations. With a 50-year legacy built on quality, safety, reliability and durability, Bush Industries is the trusted leader in designing furnishing solutions that meet work and home needs. The company is headquartered in Jamestown, N.Y., with manufacturing and distribution facilities located in western New York, Pennsylvania, Nevada and China.